Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers

To start Welders Log you must use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Use this link to try to Start Welders Log Application Version 8 (Old Version)

Use this link to try to Start Welders Log Application Version 9 (New Version)

If either of the links above do not work then read the following message below.

You have reached this page due to an incompatible browser and / or operating system.  To determine your current browser and operating system you can go to Detect My Browser.  Also to check your browser settings make sure you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and go to User Agent Information for additional information.  Welders Log has the following requirements.

1. Must Run On A Windows Operating System
2. Must Have The .NET Framework 2.0 Installed (Only For Version 8)
3. Must Have The .NET Framework 4.6 Installed (Only For Version 9)
4. Must Use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge To Start Application (See Instructions Below)

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge - If you use Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge no further action on your part should be required.

Google Chrome - If you decide to use Google Chrome you will need to install and enable ClickOnce For Google Chrome. This feature may work but is not supported.

If you are having any issues in using the software please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will help resolve any problems that you are having.