Welders Log Software Features And Services

listingCloud Base Solution – Access your files anytime or anywhere from any computer that has internet access.  Plus with your information stored in the cloud your files are backed up and protected.

listingEmail Notifications – Setup up the notifications so that you can notify system users, managers and welders about WQTRs that are expiring or will be expiring.

listingSmart Forms Technology - The Welders Log forms have intelligence built in.  We have pre-populated drop down lists and sections that are automatically filled in based on your choices.  This makes filling out the forms quick and easy.

listingFull Text Searching Engine - The full text search engine makes finding your files a snap.  Simply type in a few words such as the welder's name or identification numbers and the system will find all documents which contain that information.

listingForms Reuse and Template Management - You can use your existing forms that you have previously created as a template to create any new forms.  This will save you valuable time in creating new welding documentation.

listingWelders Log / Continuity Log - The software comes with an automated built in welder's log.  As you fill out the forms and add welders, the welder's log is automatically generated.

listingPDF Document Generation - All of our documents that are created are in PDF format.  This makes sharing and distributing your welding documentation quick and easy.

listingFiller Metal and Base Metal Indexes - We have both a Filler Metal database and a Base Metal database that accelerates form completion.  There are thousands of choices and both are accurate and complete.

listingFile Cabinet for Document Management - Our file cabinet is easy to use and helps organize your welding documentation.  You can create unlimited folders and easily drag and drop files between folders.

listingStore Electronic Files and Scanned Images - CWI Helper also has the ability to store other electronic files such as Word Document, Excel Files, Pictures, and many others.  Also it can interface with any scanner to stored scanned documents as well.

listingExtensive Drawings Library and Weld Passes - Each welding code comes with an extensive library of both Joint Designs and Weld passes.  This expedites document creation.

listingCreate Your Own Drawings and Weld Passes - Our software comes complete with a drawing tool for you to create your own Joint Designs and Weld Passes.  Also if you need assistance in the creation of your designs please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Further Assistance

If you have more questions regarding the software / services or would like to talk further please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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