What We Offer

Creating an AWS D1.1 WPS

This is the form that you would use to fill out an AWS D1.1 WPS. It contains the following sections: Details, Welding Procedure, Joint Details, Weld Passes, and Document Header. Click on an image below to see a slide show of various sections.

Continuity Log

Keep track of your welding staff and stay in compliance. Our software can instantly cross check your welders with their respective WQTRs to tell you when they need to be documented.

AWS Certified Welders Forms

Use this series of forms to submit your qualified welders to AWS with ease. Each of these forms includes electronic signatures and CWI stamp.  Our software includes the WPQR, Certified Welder Application, and Maintenance Of Welder Certification.

Joint Design Library

We offer an extensive joint design library with hundreds of drawing covering various disciplines. Plus with our built in drawing tool you can modify the existing drawings or create your own.

Weld Pass Library

We offer an extensive welding pass library with hundreds of illustrations covering various disciplines. Plus with our built in drawing tool you can modify the existing drawings or create your own.

File Cabinet

Use the file cabinet in the Welders Log application to organize your files and documents. You can create as many folders as you need and arrange them in any hierarchy.

Scanning Documents

Welders Log can not only be used to manage your welding documentation but it can also be used as a repository to hold any other paper documentation that you need to manage. It is compatible with any scanner and turns your documents into searchable PDF.

PDF Viewer

All of the documents that are stored in our system are in PDF format. You can easily print, save a copy locally, email them if needed. Plus with our built in PDF Viewer we give you full control over your document to save a copy, print, email, and add annotation.

Full Text Searching

Welders Log come complete with full text searching. This greatly increases your workflow and eliminates the problem of trying to find lost documents. Our software can find and text in any document in a matter of seconds. And when it finds it the PDF viewer will show you the exact page number and location. See our examples below.

Store Any File

Welders Log has the ability to store any file in our system. We realize that your day to day operations will involve other documents. That is why we design the system to store any file. If it is electronic you can store it in the system.